DI-BRAC2: Brachiosaurus Inflatable 28" L 4pack
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DI-BRAC2: Brachiosaurus Inflatable 28" L 4pack

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The Brachiosaurus is one of the most distinct looking animals from the Jurassic era. It used its long neck to eat vegetation from tree tops. Even though it was one of the largest Dinosaurs, this guy was a gentle giant and was primarily an herbivore. Our brachiosaurus is a fan favorite and makes a charming decoration around the home or office and is always a hit with the kids!


  • Measures 28" Long; 16" Tall and 7" Wide.
  • Features a detail CMYK print giving it a realistic look.
  • Seams sealed using RF welding technology ensuring a long-lasting bond.


28” L x 16" H x 7”W


Item#: DI-BRAC2