DI-BRAC12: Brachiosaurus Inflatable 144' L
Jet Creations Inc.

DI-BRAC12: Brachiosaurus Inflatable 144' L

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  • The brachiosaurus is one of the most distinct looking animals from the Jurassic era. It used its long neck to eat vegetation from tree tops.
  • Even though it was one of the largest Dinosaurs, this guy was a gentle giant and was primarily an herbivore.
  • Our brachiosaurus is a fan favorite and makes a charming decoration around the home or office and is always a hit with the kids!


  • Features a detail CMYK print giving it a realistic look.
  • Seams sealed using RF welding technology ensuring a long-lasting bond.
  • Multi air chamber construction for increased stability when inflated. 


  • 144”L X 40”W X 78”H


Item#: DI-BRAC12

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