DI-PTE: Pteranodon Inflatable 62" W
Jet Creations Inc.

DI-PTE: Pteranodon Inflatable 62" W

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  • The Pteranodon would be compared to a modern day hawk with a little more size and power. These dinosaurs ruled the air preying on other Dinosaurs. This guy is a little bit friendlier and features a plastic latch on its back to keep it stationary while hanging The perfect finish to a child’s room or office!


  •  Measures 62 inches wide (wingspan)

  •  Features a plastic latch for hanging it from it in the air from its back.

  •  Realistic look.

  •  Seams sealed using RF welding technology giving it an extremely durable bond.


25” L x 8" H x 62”W     

Item#: DI-PTE


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