Pro-Grade Bumper Ball Family Pack ( 4)
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Pro-Grade Bumper Ball Family Pack ( 4)

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  • Pro-Grade Bumper Balls are made for having a whole lot of fun that would otherwise be very dangerous.
  • Hop, jump, flip and smash into your friends with a Pro-Grade Bumper Ball.


  • We as a manufacturer are more reliable for the product quality as we have best technology and quality controls to provide best product in the market.
  • Our Pro-Grade Bumper Balls are of superior quality compared to the other ones on the market.
  • Instead of using heat or glue to seal our bumper balls we use a state-of-the-art welding technology which binds the PVC Vinyl together. Provides good bond due to welding and more bumping reflex flexibility for an ultimate great feeling.
  • Our Bumper Balls have been tested thoroughly by bumper ball leagues across the United States and always hold up to the challenge!
  • We use a softer PVC vinyl than our competitors which makes our bumper balls more durable as they can withstand more of an impact.
  • The 'Family Pack' includes 2 Adult sized bumper balls and 2 Medium sized bumper balls; total 4 bumper balls . Please email or call for any specific size as per your family preferences. 


  • Medium Size (Inflated): 39" Tall and 50" in Diameter
  • Large Size (Inflated): 50" Tall and 62" in Diameter.